Management: Virginia Pandolfi

Some of the best Tango teachers in the world share their secrets and their best technical exercises with you, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. With a total of 20 lessons, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to take your tango to the highest level! Since the first edition of the festival, our staff has been passionately involved in this project and that is why in this tenth consecutive year, all ten teachers meet once again, to offer from woman to woman their knowledge and love for tango.

Due to the global situation that we are going through, reinventing ourselves is part of the great process of adaptation that we are all experiencing. The pandemic faces us with great challenges, and as artists we have used our creativity to find new ways to continue expressing ourselves. Mujercitas is 10 years old, and we are experiencing this crisis as a great opportunity to expand and connect with the tango community around the world. That is why, through the screens, but closer than ever, we will celebrate our tenth anniversary with the First Mujercitas On line. Hope to see you in the online lessons!

Workshops especiales
You can also find videos of the invited teachers with master classes for advanced level.


First Steps and Folklore


Dana Frigoli

Dana Frigoli is a multifaceted artist, dancer, actress, director. She created DNI Tango in January / 2005, Escuela y Compañía.
Creator of TTC (Tango conceptual technology), a unique technique that trained many professionals who are now benchmarks of tango.
Winner of two Argentores prizes for the best choreographic creation in the Theater category for "La Musa del capricho" and "DOS ... lo que dissolve".
She is the universes of track tango being part of festivals around the
World from its beginnings, as a teacher and artist, and in the creative scene she is one of the benchmarks of contemporary stage creation.
She has choreographed for different shorts, commercials and movies, including Walter Salles' "Motorcycle Diaries". "Superclassic" by Ole Christian Madsen. For commercial "Cadbury" chocolates. Advertising "Topper" soccer and tango, National sport.
She was a central image of HSBC Bank worldwide for 5 years.
Founding member of Platea (Current stage tango platform). Curious, restless and profound, she encourages risk in each of her projects.

Inés Muzzopappa

She started her career at the age of 14 with the help of two couples of old milongueros Jorge and Liliana Rodriguez and Carlos and Rosa Perez. In 2007 he won the World Tango Championship with Dante and from that moment on she decided to make dance her profession.
She currently develops her artistic career teaching and dancing in Argentina, the United States and Europe with Gaby Mataloni, Rodrigo Palacios and Corina Herrera and teaches "Technical Improvement I" classes at the Centro Educativo del Tango de Buenos Aires (CETBA) with Héctor Diaz .
Likewise, together with a group of Tango Dance professionals, they carry out the Civil Association of Tango Dance Workers (TTD), which aims to defend and spread this cultural heritage that is Tango.

Cristina Sosa

Her dance training began at 9 years of age, through classical dance, which she developed over the next 9 years.

In 2001 she began the path of tango, first deepening the stage tango and after some years, the ballroom tango.

She won the 2008 Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship in the tango and milonga category, and in the same year she became World Champion with her partner. Her happy, spontaneous and unique dance speaks to her personality. Her technique classes are among the most innovative, and creativity, both in her way of moving and in the lessons she dictates, is one of the capacities that characterizes her.

Alejandra Mantiñan

She is one of the few dancers in force with 25 years in the tango environment. Dedicated to her work, she is now one of the Ladies in Tango who set trends, not only in her way of dancing, but also in her teaching, convincing and investigative way. She was also named, the dancer best known to the readers of El Tangauta.
Alejandra manages the Fabrica Tanguera dance school in Rome, Italy and in Tutzing, Germany, as well as organizes and manages the Fabricando Tango festival in Rome.
Since 2003 she has worked for 6 years with Gabriel Misse, then since 2008, she has been working with such outstanding artists as Horacio Godoy, Diego «El Pájaro» Riemer, and made a special presentation with Chicho Frumboli in Vienna. Her other companions include Martín Ojeda and Aoniken Quiroga.

Manuela Rossi

Graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón, awarded a scholarship by UNESCO to study for two years at L'École Supérieure de Danse in Cannes in France.
Dancer, choreographer and tango teacher.
She starred in the Volkswagen advertisement "Last Tango in Compton" and was part of the cast of the movie "Un Tango Más", about the life of Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves.
Together with her partner Juan Malizia, in 2014 they obtained the title of World Tango Champions in the Stage Tango category, and also the title of Metropolitan Tango Champions - Waltz.
Together they have toured with the most recognized Tango companies as well as tours as an individual couple around the world, participating in shows, training events in schools and international Tango Festivals.

Virginia Pandolfi

She is recognized in the world of tango, not only for her talent as a dancer, but also for her abilities as a teacher, she is also an authentic milonguera and stands out for being her elegant, sensual, authentic and very musical dance. Her beginnings were influenced by an apprenticeship linked to stage tango, but over time the course of her career leaned heavily towards improvisational dance, the ballroom dance, the milonguero. Her dance today is the fruit of a journey made up of two fundamental ingredients, the love of dance and the commitment to work. In her teaching role, her classes are the space to understand tango with these two axes as basic principles for the learning journey.

Vanesa Villalba

She worked in Tango Houses such as: La Ventana, Piazzolla Tango, Homero Manzi and Boca Tango. She was champion of tango Baradero 2002 and later jury of it. She traveled the world for 4 years with the company Forever Tango and was an assistant choreographer for it. Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Piñero They have participated in the TANGO festival in Buenos Aires with their work DISCOUNTER. They were sworn members of the Tango World Cup in different sub-venues. They also participate in numerous festivals as teachers and choreographers in different countries, such as Italy, Greece, Korea, the United States, Japan, Turkey, Russia.

Jimena Hoeffner

The TRI Metropolitan champion of the City of Buenos Aires is consecrated in 2013, representing the 3 categories Tango, Milonga and Vals, being the first time in the history of a metropolitan that a couple receives the three distinctions. A few months later she became the 2013 World Track Tango runner-up! In 2015, the Champion of Peeling Variation was consecrated, obtaining a trip to the USA.
She participates in various festivals with his dance partner Fernando Carrasco, both in Europe, the US, Argentina and Asia, giving classes and exhibitions as well as being jurors.
Jimena is recognized for the warmth and elegance of her hug. She appreciates, in the most fundamental sense, the essence of tango. This love is reflected both in her teaching and in the connection of her dance.

Sol Cerquides

She stands out for her versatility and commitment to dance and art, with studies not only in tango but also in contemporary dance, ballet and dramatic art.
In 2010 she was the winner of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Tango Championship in her Milonga category and in the same year she obtained 4th place in the world tango salon category.
In 2012, she co-choreographed with her partner Fernando Gracia for the Tribute to the great Maria Nieves, held at Luna Park.
She received the 2019 "Tango Prize" for the best choreography for her version of "And I can't forget you"
Author, Director and producer of the Tango Oasis theater show, recently released in the city of Buenos Aires.

Solange Acosta
Tango dancer and professional teacher 10 years ago. In 2011 she was consecrated as World Stage Tango Champion with her partner Max Van De Voorde. That same year, they also achieved 10th place in the "Tango Salon" category. She danced for prestigious shows such as Tango Porteño, Tempo Tango, Immortal Tango, Tango Fire & Tango After Dark. She toured over 35 countries teaching at renowned schools and International Festivals. She was also summoned as a jury in several Sub-venues of the World Championship both inside and outside of Argentina. Solange is also an International Yoga Instructor (RYT 200 HS) and Certified Healh Coach (IIN) in NY.