On Line Women´s Technique Classes (SEP 2020)


Many years working in the search for coherence between what is said with what is done, led me to develop a conscious and precise teaching method, connected to my feelings and experiences.
Seeking to transmit without a predetermined style, but rather by giving the tools for awareness and control of the body itself, giving way to freedom and independence in movement.
I invite you to share the bases, the foundations and the development of my technique, in an intensive course for all women who are in search of developing self-knowledge, and thus be able to open the doors to the encounter and connection between the parts.

You can reserve your place for any of the classes of the month in the end of this page and we will confirm your place once the payment is made through this link: https://www.paypal.me/virpando

1 class (1.5 hour) $12 USD

2 classes (1.5 hour) $24 USD

3 classes (1.5 hour) $36 USD

4 classes (1.5 hour) $48 USD

5 classes (1.5 hour) $60 USD

6 classes (1.5 hour) $72 USD

7 classes (1.5 hour) $84 USD

8 classes (1.5 hour) $96 USD

Before to pay make sure you did the reservation to be sure there are free spots in the classes.

  1. Reserve (until 1 hour before the class)
  2. Pay with PayPal
  3. Confirmation will arrive to you by e-mail

If you have an account in this website, before to reserve you need to LOG IN.

Once your payment is confirmed, we will send you the access data to the virtual platform (zoom)

(Classes are for ALL LEVELS and have no correlation between them)


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