Corina Herrera

Born in Buenos Aires in 1987 Corina Herrera began to dance as a child, in her adolescence she already toured the Buenos Aires milongas having the fortune of having been able to embrace and learn from those who were great milongueros in the history of tango such as Carlos Gavito, el Chino Perico , Pupi Castiello, Tete Rusconi, Omar Vega among others. She has also trained with masters of the last time, who have opened the doors to this wonderful tango world. Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa; Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega; Mariano Chicho Frumboli have been his references among many other teachers with whom he has studied. She has been teaching for fourteen years, with the luck of having been able to visit different provinces of Argentina (Rosario, Mendoza, San Martin de los Andes, Bariloche) and countries such as Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, the United States and many others. Europe sharing its knowledge.

Dana Frigoli

Dana Frigoli is a multifaceted artist, dancer, actress, director. She created DNI Tango in January / 2005, Escuela y Compañía. Creator of TTC (Tango conceptual technology), a unique technique that trained many professionals who are now referents of tango. Winner of two Argentores awards for the best choreographic creation in the Theater category for "La Musa del capricho" and "DOS... lo que se disuelve". Member of the Youth Group of the National Tango Academy and an artist with a comprehensive training, he consolidated his career in various top-level companies. She was part of the shows: "Tanguera", "Tango Love and Sex", "Reliquias Porteñas", "Malevo Evolution-Tango (Electronic Tango) "," Tango Fatal "," Postales de Tango "; in which she participated in the choreographic design and, in the latter, her authorship in an integral way. Founding member of Platea (Current Stage Tango Platform). Curious, restless and profound, she takes risks in each of her projects.

Virginia Pandolfi

She is recognized in the world of tango, not only for her talent as a dancer, but also for her abilities as a teacher, she is also a milonguera and stands out for having an elegant, authentic and musical dance. Her beginnings were influenced by an apprenticeship linked to stage tango, but over time the course of her career leaned strongly towards improvisational dance, ballroom dancing, and milonguero. She studied ballet since she was 4 years old and began in tango in 2002, she has traveled continuously since 2006, teaching and dancing in prestigious festivals and schools around the world, she was a jury of the tango world championship and numerous sub-branches of the country and the world . Her dance today is the fruit of a journey made up of two fundamental ingredients, the love of dance and the commitment to work. In her role as a teacher, her classes are the space to understand tango with these two axes as basic principles for the learning path. Creator and organizer of Mujercitas Tango Festival. 

Clarisa Aragon

She began her dance training with a career as a classical dancer at the age of 9, in the city of Villa Carlos Paz where she studied until the fifth year. In 2007, she entered the Jazz Eugenia Calamita dance studio, where she continued her studies until 2012, participating in top-class competitions and improving herself in seminars and classes. In 2009 she opened new doors towards Tango, she took her first classes with his parents Hugo Aragón and Adriana Diani, and she continues to perfect herself with various teachers of the environment in Buenos Aires. She worked as a Jazz dance teacher since 2010. Within her studies we can also highlight other disciplines such as Folklore, Salsa and Contemporary. Since 2009 its objectives have focused on professionalization purely and exclusively in Tango, nurturing its dance with important figures such as: Milena Plebs, Virginia Pandolfi, Los Dinzel, María Inés Bogado and Sebastián Jiménez, Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa, Osvaldo and Coca , among others.

Vanesa Villalba

She developed her studies in classical dance at the José Neglia School, and with teachers such as Lidia Segni and Silvia Basilis. At age 19, she began working in Japan as a teacher and dancer. She worked in Casas de Tango such as: La Ventana, Piazzolla Tango, Homero Manzi and Boca Tango. She was the 2002 Baradero tango champion and later was a jury. She traveled the world for 4 years with the Forever Tango company and was a choreographic assistant for it. Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Piñero have participated in the Buenos Aires TANGO festival with their work DESENCUENTRO. They were juries of the Tango World Cup in different branches. They also participate in numerous Festivals as teachers and choreographers in different countries, such as Italy, Greece, Korea, the United States, Japan, Turkey, Russia.

Roxana Suarez

Always elegant and feminine. She learned to dance in the Buenos Aires milongas when she was little. She maintains a traditional and sober aesthetic, combined with a young and current vision of salon tango.In her classes he seeks to generate body awareness and explain the sensations and functionality of the movements. She provides her students with tools that allow them to adapt and find their own enjoyment as that of their classmates.For seven years she has traveled the world with her partner Sebastián Achaval, with whom she participates in the most prestigious festivals.

Moira Castellano

With a classical and contemporary background, she began her studies in Dance at the age of 5. At 23 she discovered tango, and since then she learned from various renowned masters who marked her style. Moira Castellano is one of the current dancers who best reflects the link between the language of dance and traditional tango. She lived in Paris from 2000-2006, has a vast career as a dancer and choreographer. She has participated in numerous companies and shows in various countries in Europe, America, and Asia, playing a leading role in the rise and teaching of tango.

Mariana Montes

Since 2014 director of the ASD Mariana Montes Tango Club in Italy. Since 1998 she has been a partner with Sebastián Arce and has traveled the world teaching and acting. As of 2021, they have visited more than 200 cities in 45 countries. Together with Sebastián, they created a dance show Piazzoleando, they choreographed and danced in the dance show Exodo Tanguado. She is the director and producer of "Chique" "Tango on Air" "Sentidos del tango". She also appeared in Simonetta Rossi's documentary Ad occhi chiusi. She lives in Cagliari where he teaches tango in regular classes.